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We are here proudly to fulfill your quality cardsharing and IPTV requests with the stability and the power of our high quality servers.
We offer PPV channels for our subscribers exclusively, and it is one of the nuances making us different from the other competitors in the CS market.
We serve with 40+ real cards through which coping with prime time user traffic is a babywork for us…

Considering those ones having no satellite access or the possibility of a dish installment, we have launched our brand new IPTV service covering the most demanded channels all over Europe.

For further details and your incquiries, please use the Contact Us form located at the homepage to get in touch with us right away!

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CCcam prio updated

Dear customers, the CCcam prio file has been updated as of October 27, 2015. So to obtain your up to date file, download here (Please make a right click over the download link and press "save target file as").

A Call For Website Translation

Hello, as a part of our effforts making a multilingual  website, we are in need of a translation assistance for the languages of İtalian and Spanish. The job consists of the entire  translation of the site primarily, then news/announcements and some  informatory totorials may be needed to be translated just sporadicly. Upon the completion of  the site basis, the translator should be rest assured that he-she is not  going to be facing an everyday task taking his-her time intensively.
We  think of granting a free anual elite package subscription as the  price/reward of the job. İf any of the existing subscriber or the prospect  memberrs reading this announcement proficient in the  aforementioned languages having a good translation skill and  command over card sharing terms and  is interested in our offer, please get in touch with us via Contact Us form to proceed for the translation process.

Exclusive CanalDigital Nordic channels available

We at are extremely pleased to announce that we eventually have achieved to avail the following exclusive CANALDİGİTAL NORDİC channels on 1W Thor satellite in our Elite Package with no extra charge for our existing and prospect customers:
TV2 Premier League HD1
TV2 Premier League HD2
TV2 Premier League HD3

Have fun!

Viasat Finland Available

Hello, we finally availed Viasat Finland for our customers subscribed to elite package plan, which means  one more package  in the Nordic zone, believing that the viewers of the region would love  this news!
this package includes the rare sports channel like nelonen  Pro and many more!
Enjoy, and why not to join us!?

Viasat Nordic HD Exclusively Available

The following VİASAT HD channels are exclusively available for our Elite package customers:
  • Viasat Film HD
  • Viasat Film Action HD
  • Viasat Film Family HD
  • Viasat Film Comedy HD
  • Viasat 16 HD
  • Viasat Sport Sw HD
  • Viasat Football Sw HD
  • Viasat Hockey Sw HD
  • Viasat Motor Sw HD
  • Viasat History HD
  • Viasat Explorer HD
  • Viasat Nature HD
  • Viasat Crime HD
  • VT 1 HD
  • SVT 2 HD
  • TV3 Sweden HD
  • TV6 Sweden HD
  • Kanal 5 Sweden HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • Nat Geo HD
  • TV2 Premier League HD1 ( only during EPL Games )
  • TV2 Premier League HD2 ( only during EPL Games )
  • Viasat Xtra  NHL 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

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