Sky Deutschland HD 19.2°E

The number 1 package for Germany
The channels that make up the Sky package broadcast from the Astra 19.2°E satellite position, using the Astra satellite.

Sky Deutschland has a very large package with great channels, including SKY Bundesliga!
sky bunderliga
rtl nitro

Channel list:

Sky Sport News HD
Sky Sport News
Sky Atlantic HD
Fox HD
TNT Serie HD
RTL Crime HD
Syfy Universal HD
13th Street Universal HD
Universal Channel HD
TNT Glitz HD
ProSieben Fun HD
Sky Krimi
Sky Atlantic
Fox Serie
TNT Serie
RTL Crime
Syfy Universal
13th Street Universal
RTL Living
AXN Action
Sat.1 emotions
Romance TV
Sat.1 HD
ProSieben HD
kabel eins HD
sixx HD
Sat.1 Gold HD
ProSieben Maxx HD
RTL Nitro HD
Sky Sport News HD
Sky HD Fan Zone
Sky Bundesliga HD 1
Sky Bundesliga HD 2
Sky Bundesliga HD 3
Sky Bundesliga HD 4
Sky Bundesliga HD 5
Sky Bundesliga HD 6
Sky Bundesliga HD 7
Sky Bundesliga HD 8
Sky Bundesliga HD 9
Sky Bundesliga HD 10
Sky Sport HD 1
Sky Sport HD 2
Sky Sport HD 3
Sky Sport HD 4
Sky Sport HD 5
Sky Sport HD 6
Sky Sport HD 7
Sky Sport HD 8
Sky Sport HD 9
Sky Sport HD 10
Sky Sport HD 11
Sport1 US HD
Sport1 US HD 1
Sport1+ HD
Eurosport 1 HD
Eurosport 2 HD
Eurosport 360 HD 1
Eurosport 360 HD 2
Eurosport 360 HD 3
Eurosport 360 HD 4
Eurosport 360 HD 5
Eurosport 360 HD 6
Eurosport 360 HD 7
Eurosport 360 HD 8
Eurosport 360 HD 9
Sky Sport News
Sky Bundesliga 1
Sky Bundesliga 2
Sky Bundesliga 3
Sky Bundesliga 4
Sky Bundesliga 5
Sky Bundesliga 6
Sky Bundesliga 7
Sky Bundesliga 8
Sky Bundesliga 9
Sky Bundesliga 10
Sky Sport 1
Sky Sport 2
Sky Sport 3
Sky Sport 4
Sky Sport 5
Sky Sport 6
Sky Sport 7
Sky Sport 8
Sky Sport 9
Sky Sport 10
Sky Sport 11
Sky Sport Austria
Sport1 HD
Sky Cinema HD
Sky Cinema +1 HD
Sky Cinema +24 HD
Sky Hits HD
Sky Action HD
Disney Cinemagic HD
MGM Channel HD
Sky 3D
Sky Cinema
Sky Cinema +1
Sky Cinema +24
Sky Hits
Sky Action
Sky Comedy
Sky Emotion
Sky Nostalgie
Disney Cinemagic
MGM Channel
TNT Film
Kinowelt TV
kabel eins classics
Tele 5 HD
Sky Select Portal
Sky Select HD
Sky Select 1
Sky Select 2
Sky Select 3
Sky Select 4
Sky Select 5
Sky Select 6
Sky Select 7
Sky Select 8
Sky Select 9
Sky Select Event A
Sky Select Event B
Blue Movie Portal
Blue Movie 1
Blue Movie 2
Blue Movie 3
Blue Movie HD National Geographic Channel HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
Spiegel Geschichte HD
History HD
Discovery Channel HD
Motorvision TV
Discovery Channel
National Geographic Channel
Nat Geo Wild
Spiegel Geschichte
Deluxe Music HD
Goldstar TV
N24 HD
n-tv HD

Last update channel list 15/07/2016
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