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To set it up your MGCAMD client correctly, Follow the steps below:

Go to add ons of your image, you would see mgcamd client there, download and install it. After their downloading and installment are finished, connect to your dreambox through ftp and check if there is any file named “newcamd.list” under var/keys directory. İf you find one, yu edit the file and paste your cline that we would provide upon your purchase and save it. İf you do not find one, open up a notepad, and paste the lines in cline format that you know from cccam and save it as “newcamd.list” not .txt, and place it under var/keys.

To eas your job, there are mgcamd presentation videos available showing how to do on youtube, you could use them.

We recommend Using mgcamd 1.3.8D and onwards.
Note: since the latest GP images and some other ones do not include the plugin urls to download in their addons section, if you do not want to troubled with the manual installation,the best and the most practical way to obtain MGCamd is to Google TS Panel and to install it. İt contains the index of almost of all plugins, you can download whatever you feel like to do from within the TS Panel.

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