Canal Digital

Canal digital is a digital television and internet service provider in Norway and Sweden which is owned by Telenor. It originally began as a direct broadcast satellite television service to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland but has expanded its services into cable television in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

It uses the Astra satellites at 19.2° east and the Astra 3B satellite at 23.5° east. The Canal digital Fastscan lists all channels carried on its platform and almost all free-to-air channels on the 19.2° east, 23.5° east and28.2° east/28.5° east satellites. Many channels are free, others are available only with a subscription.

Close to one thousand Nordics prefer the Canal digital as their entertainment platform. Since so many people have been opting for Canal digital, we at camdserver decided to have one package for the Nordics as well. Our Canal digital package is tried and tested at so many internet connections on many channels. All your issues of location, credit checks, and frozen television images can be solved once you agree to take up a camdserver. And if you are Nordic, or a fan of their entertainment options, you know which package to choose.

We have a rather large variety of channels, some quite popular and others not so popular, in our Canal digital package. Some of these descrambled channels include Geschiedenis 24, 13th Street Universal Nederland, Eredivisie Live Kanaal 1, Omroep Brabant TV, Travel Channel HD Europe, Cartoon Network Nederland, Film 1 Premiere and Studio Brussel, among others.

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